[Render of N76 with the Skull design]

Skull is one of Ha Yun Park's entries for Nokia's N-Series “Your Talent” competition. The object of the competition is make a cover design for the Nokia N76 mobile phone.

About Skull

The Skull design was submitted on 7. July 2007 but sadly it did not get approved before the end of the contest. It has however appeared on the competition website since (on 24. August 2007) and can therefore be viewed in all its glory.

The centre piece of the design is a large, detailed skull and cross-bones on the back of the device. The design has a creepy, unsettling vibe about it which is reinforced by occasional blood splatters across the device. Additionally there is a barcode pattern at the bottom of the device. All these details are set on a textured, grey background.

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