Custom webOS icon

Thumbnail of custom webOS icon

While working on some designs for team-touchdroid's boot menu competition, I needed an icon for webOS. Since there doesn't seem to be anything official & freely re-usable, I went ahead and designed my own.

I figured my icon might be useful to others - whether it's for touchdroid boot menus or anything else that's webOS-related - so I've decided to make my design freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means you can freely redistribute and/or modify this icon as long as you give me credit for the original. Mentioning something along the lines of "based on work created and shared by James Nash and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution" would be fine. If you can preserve the two hyperlinks (i.e to my website and to CC license), that would be greatly appreciated but don't worry if it's not possible (e.g. in a text file or image where you can't do hyperlinks). Linking to this page would be fine too.

Please note: This is just an unoffical icon for webOS. It is in no way whatsoever approved or endorsed by HP, Palm or anyone else who actually has something to do with webOS. I am also in no way affiliated with them.

Right, enough waffle! Here are the logos: The original is an SVG vector graphic (I made it in Inkscape, but other tools like Illustrator ought to be able to open it too) and a high res PNG:

Go forth and create! :-D

Btw, if you make cool stuff with this logo I'd love to hear about it. You can contact me via Twitter: @c1rrus.