This mini-site showcases the N76 phone designs James Nash made for Nokia's N-Series “Your Talent” contest:

Explore each design in more detail via the links above!

Each design was created from scratch by James Nash using a combination tradional and digital art. The individual design pages above explain the thinking and process behind each design. We hope you enjoy them. If you do, then don't forget to tell your friends!

About the contest

The object of the N-Series “Your Talent” contest was to design a cover for Nokia's N76 mobile phone. Submitted designs appeared on the competition website and could be rated by visitors. When the contest finished in August 2007, the creators of the top 10 most popular designs each won an N76 mobile phone with their design printed on.

Before appearing on the competition website, designs were subject to a manual review by the organisers to ensure that they complied with the rules (i.e. no copyright violations or offensive content). The approval or rejection of a design by the reviewers was supposed to happen within a "few days" but in James's case took much longer. His Dirty Doodles design was approved on 11. August - the last day of the contest - and the other designs were neither approved nor rejected at that point. Oddly, those designs were eventually approved and put on the site on 24. August, the day after the winners were announced!

With barely a day to promote his design and for visitors to vote for it, Dirty Doodles did not achieve a good rank, let alone the top 10. If it had been approved and appeared on the competition website earlier it may well have had better chances.

Friendly designs

The friendly folk over at the Symbian-Freak forums also produced some nice N76 designs for the contest:

Although none won the contest, some achieved fairly high rankings out of the total 12000+ designs that were competing. Well done to all of them. Hopefully they will have better luck next time.

About the designer

James likes dabbling with art and design in his spare time. Visit his website: Cirrus's Realm!

This is cruising aboard the Event-Horizon.